Event photography is the goal of most amateur photographers. Moving from casual photo-taking to professional events where you’re paid to take photographs of weddings, concerts, live events, sporting exhibitions, and so much more is the dream come true.

But if you’ve just landed your first event photography , you need some tips on how to arrive prepared. It’s critical that you come across as a true professional. It’s the only way you’ll get recommended for more event photography in the future.

By utilizing your skills and memorizing some of these tips and tricks for event photography, you’ll make more money. You’ll also grow a larger customer base, and you won’t look fowhen you show up unprepared and event equipment.

Capture Moments: Always Stay Vigilant

The only way you’ll get rehired in the business of event photography is if you capture the proper moments. This means powerful expressions, big smiles, and lots of energy from all the subjects in the room. There are a few key tips for ensuring you always get the best shots.

First, set yourself up at a great vantage point to get natural environmental shots. Understand who you’re there to take photos of and perch yourself in such a way that you can follow them easily with your camera, snapping the shutter whenever something happens. Usually, if you sit still long enough and wait, moments will appear.

This means you must always be behind the lens. A great moment can occur anytime and you must be prepared to cover it. Watch people’s eyes, be aware of your surroundings, and try to anticipate what’s going on in every part of the room. There is always somebody in some corner doing something that will make a great photograph.

Never be afraid to take a multitude of photos. You can always delete the boring ones later. It’s better that you take the shot and get nothing than you miss something amazing. And when it comes to uncomfortable, stiff subjects, try to lighten the mood with a joke. You can even switch it up and catch them in more of an intense moment than a funny one.

Be Punctual & Professional

Finally, be punctual and professional. This means showing up before most of the guests. Always be early. Not only does this make you look like a dedicated pro, but it also gives you a chance to photograph the venue before the guests arrive, then the guests as they arrive.

Also with punctuality, you should have a reasonable turnaround time. In general, seven days to deliver proofs to the client is acceptable. Too early and you’ll look like you didn’t try hard enough, and too late… well, you’ll look lazy.

Another thing to remember is that events relevance pretty quickly. After two weeks, everyone may have forgotten and your client may not want the photos anymore. Be sure to collect and deliver within seven days

Final Thoughts

Event photography is not always an easy picnic. First and foremost, you must remember to take care of yourself. Most events go on for a full day. You may show up early in the morning and not leave until late at night. Pack your own food so as not to be presumptuous that the organizers of the event will feed you, and be prepared for a long day on your feet.